Horse Racing Sport Betting Online

For those of you fans of Horse Racing sport of course you are familiar to hear the word horse race. This game is so quite popular in the past. Even in ancient times it can be said that this sport is a sport of kings and nobles.

Horse Racing Sport Betting Online

Horse Racing betting

If in Indonesia horse racing game is banned, another case with abroad. In Asia itself the horse racing game is centered in three places namely in Malaysia, Hongkong and Macau. Horseracing fans have to go to the venue to watch the game. indeed many players who complained about the limitations of time and distance if you want to travel just to watch the horse race. It is indeed a constraint for the lovers of this game. But now they can play just by registering a free account or called in Indonesian language as daftar sbobet.

A former math teacher from Camden Town, England admitted to being banned from betting because it always won. Richard Saul is thought to have known the betting tricks so he never suffered defeat.

Reported by, Saul adept reading the opportunities by using considerations and mathematical formulas. He was even nicknamed the ‘Wizard of Opportunities’, because for the past three years he has never lost a racetrack bet.

“In Camden Town no one wants to take my bet,” Saul complained.

Though Saul said he never cheated and always follow the rules well. He only read opportunities and possibilities every time a horse race is held.

Saul said, usually the fourth horse will pay a quarter of the winning horse. But some bookies expanded their bids by including all five horses to attract betting buyers.

“It was then I know, by placing a bet on each different horse, we can certainly win,” he said.

“It takes about 20 minutes to set up the bet.You should really concentrate because the chances may change, you will not lose but if your biggest bet loses, you will not win much.”

One of the largest bookmakers in the UK, Paddy Power claimed to have banned Richard Saul to participate bet. “Systematically we knew we were going to lose money and it was also experienced by the bosses, but for Saul, even if he lost he never really lost money, he put up a lot of bets and created many chances, then he calculated those chances. We admit, he’s too good for us, we’re scared, “he said.

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