About Us

In 2012, Sean Flinn and The Royal We ranked in Paste Magazine’s Ten Oregon Bands You Should Listen To Now, where Luke Larson calls Flinn “a tried-and-true singer/songwriter” who “has picked up his own eclectic style of crafting pop songs along the way…that were as creatively recorded as they were solidly written.”

Born in the shadow of Mount Shasta, Sean Flinn spent his boyhood exploring the bends of Whiskeytown Lake and its surrounding woods. He was first turned on to the guitar at a young age while living in the Bay Area, but it wasn’t until he moved to Portland in his early twenties where he found his musical clan. The Portland Mercury calls Flinn’s music “as honest and forthright as it comes-literate, sober tunesmithing commanded by a strong and assured voice.” He began recording and touring with bands and musicians formative to the Pacific Northwest music scene such as Y La Bamba, Nick Jaina, and Jolie Holland.

Flinn formed his own band The Royal We in 2010. In the beginning, The Royal We contained a rotating cast of talented Portland musicians including Rachel Blumberg (of M Ward and Bright Eyes), Sallie Ford and Laura Gibson. Many of these musicians are featured in Flinn’s debut Write Me A Novel. In Buzzine’s review of the record, Andrew Shaw commends the songwriter for producing “as good a debut as anyone could wish to produce” thanks to his “enthusiastic presence and unapologetic blends of swagger and lyrical touch.” He adds that Write Me A Novel“takes a broad range of subject matter and personalizes proceedings that inspire the desire to become more familiar. It’s a contagious offering and it feels like an event.”

Eventually, The Royal We solidified into a band comprised of Adam Mack on drums , Arthur C. Lee on guitar/keys and Richard Bennett on bass. In 2011, the Parisian pop band Herman Dune invited the band to tour Europe with them. Though The Royal We had received international attention before, this tour placed them in larger arenas with enthusiastic new audiences. They sold every last record they had brought with them on the tour. The Royal We has also shared the stage with other notable artists including The Lumineers, Port O’ Brian and Damien Jurado.

In the summer of 2012, Flinn and the band began recording a new record entitled The Lost Weekend. It is a reflective and unscrupulous rendering of what it feels like to be ambushed by the invisible, a work that explores the tension between what is real and what is remembered. The title track was released on the PDX Pop Now! 2013 Compilation. The full-length album, their strongest and most telling work to date, will be released this summer, July 15, 2014.